More Soda

by The Whoopass Girls

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thank you never lost records, no direction records, shmed (forever), died laughing, lupa, mackenzie, and my mom. forrest took all of the photos, he's an artist.


released July 30, 2013

ethan - gtr
forrest - bass
cj - drumz
eric - piano



all rights reserved


The Whoopass Girls Missoula, montana

Emo/punk band from Missoula, MT

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Track Name: The Plan
you grab the guitar, i'll grab the keys
and by tomorrow morning i'll have something to scream
and even if no one listens, well fuck it
we gave it out best shot

cause it was never too late for me to stay
but a previous engagement was always in your way
and like a crashing skier i buried my legs
in hopes for a soft spot

i feel bitter and angry and tired and cold
but mostly just disappointed
that all your lies were my dreams
coming true for you

so now i'm drunk as fuck and throwing up in the middle of a dark and empty road
searching for forgiveness but what god would forgive this now i see
that the world is spinning, there's no beginning and no ending and all life is
is what i make it
Track Name: Plan B
and how many drunks
are sleepin at the loose end of a bottle
while i'm sittin here alone, thinking of you
well i hate (i hate) to see you like this
and i don't want to hold your hair back anymore
i want to breathe, or maybe i want to be asleep
just like YOUUUOUOUOUOUOUuuuuu

well i can see straight through your lies
like i can see right through mine
and i can see the doubt and the years

and i see a woman on the beach,
holding her hand out towards the sea
holding her hand out towards me
like i was something to reach... for
something to record

and as the waves were lapping off of her shins
i could have drowned in the shit and the sorrow and sin
and i can tell you of the places i've never been
and the lives taken which were never lived
but mostly i just feel the guilt
Track Name: They Kill Gods, Don't They?
you want a loud song?
well i've got a loud heart
i've got an aching stomach
and no lucky stars

this rain on my car is baptism
and everyone i meet is wiped just the same
and the night is soaking in
i'm drowning slow, anchoring my throat

and i swear i'm gonna make it thru this year
i swear i'm gonna find myself in the mirror
without climbing thru, without punching thru again
(and again)
Track Name: Kornsequence
20 years old and i'm still stumbling
grasping and hoping for more
losing myself in a vision of a future played out
by a pen on paper thousands of miles away

waking up just to pretend like i'm loved and friend in rain
well i can't even swallow my god am i fading away
am i burning in the ground
am i no one at all

but i never listened
i stood with my arms crossed (my arms)
staring at the ground
trying to figure out
this godless abandon

(you are a beautiful creature
moving the earth with a rumbling sound
you came into this world like you left it
never humbled, never figured out)
Track Name: (sic) Burrn
they said i like to push the envelope
well i really just felt like throwing up
and every time machine i built
is so intent on gettin me fucked up

my body stayed and lingered
wall-biting my own fingers
when i just really wanted to see how far i could get
before i hit bone

so this is how it ends
not even rising up as friends,
just two souls lost in distance

and i guess this is how i will be
but to tell the truth
i can't stop clenching my teeth over you

i was the headacher, the doorframe lakebed
the 19 hours before you could get to sleep
i was the headacher, 17 years later
and even now i always sink
i always sink